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What is the September UFO

Yes we are more than half way through September I have have not blogged about the September UFO Challege.  I feel like I've been on the run this entire month!

So here it is....
 What does this mean for me?  Well for sewing it is perfect as I have a fall project selected.  I had one selected in August as well but did that get done?  NO!  At the rate September is flying by, it will be interesting to see if this gets done!

  September is a bomber jacket for Madden.  I have some of the yarn but not all.  I am re-thinking about making this jacket or substituting another pattern where I actually have the yarn.

So August wasn't a total bust as I did get my knitting UFO done and not just one month of the UFO but another month of the UFO, which hasn't been selected yet!  I posted this picture on Facebook and it was mentioned in their monthly LIVE session!

These hats will be going to our local chemo center to be distributed to those who might need a hat for the coming chilly days.�…
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And now we are a Bostonian!

Well we go the kids moved into their apartment....

                                  Dad was a little tired from the previous day's pre-game events.

But Allison and I managed to get a dresser put together!

Allston is not what I expected at is truly a little college area nestled around Boston College, Boston University, Harvard and!!

BU is a few stops east on the metro, Allison's School Jackson/Mann is a short 15 minute walk... and that is their life for the next three years.

Our hotel had a great view of the St. Charles River and in the morning we could see the BU rowing crew practicing.

After 2 days of shopping, putting together furniture, unpacking etc,  Drew  started Law School and Allison started student teaching.   Dan and I decided to explore the city.  We chose to do the Freedom Trail.  It is a historic walk of Boston tracing some of the steps that led to the Boston Tea Party and the Revolutionary War.
The start of the Freedom Trail was at the Boston…

And the last one leaves the nest...

"You're leaving on a jet plane
Don't know when you'll be back again
Oh babe I hate to see you go..."

She's off to Boston tomorrow and I am a little teary eyed. I know I've had her longer than most but it is still hard.

She's off for new adventures and knowledge...

I wish her happiness
I wish her strength and courage for the unknown
And I wish her so much ❤️

And just like that summer is over....

This summer went by so quickly... and I say that every year!

This morning I was going through my pictures, trying to figure out what to post.  My phone came up with a little video of what had happened in the last two months.  I thought it was a pretty good re-cap:

2017 Solar Eclipse

Have you heard?  There was a solar eclipse yesterday!!

We headed to St. Joe, Mo for a Eclipse party at  the home of Dan's old college buddy!  The day started out wonderful.

We had the perfect place for viewing!

And what we saw was very cool!

But then the clouds came and totality was not meant to be for us. 😢

But we did get to see it turn to night as we drove out of town trying to chase some sunshine.  I wish we had taken pictures but we were too busy watching in awe.

And as we headed west the sky cleared a little and we stopped along the side of the road to see this:

In the end it was a bust but I did manage to stop at a quilt store on the way home and picked up these really cute row by row patterns.  I can wait to include them in a baby quilt.  While we might of missed totality the trip was not in vain!

I borrowed this from a Facebook post as it is one of the coolest pics of the 2017 Eclipse that I have seen.

It was a great adventure and while we were disappointed we didn'…

What's on the machine?

Since I got back from Huntsville it's been a mad rush to get some Etsy quilts done.

I finally got both of them shipped out this week.  Both buyers requested cotton so I used kona black and kona white in one and kona navy and kona snow on the other. Joanns carries quite a few of the kona basic colors and with coupons you can't beat that deal!!

Here's how the black and white one turned out. The backing is something that I have had in my inventory. 

This customer requested personalization for her quilt and wanted a quick turn around... three weeks from the date she ordered it.  I am getting it shipped with very little time to spare so I hope she and her grand daughter enjoy it.

I've also been contemplating a new quilt design.  I have had quite a few requests for puppies so I may try this one out. 

I hope that these are puppies that most people would recognize!

Road Trip

We took a road trip to Huntsville, Al. earlier this month.  Mom needed to go back home and check on things at her house.  The wonderful thing about this trip is that we literally go by Hancock of Paducha!!  I know... how great is that.  We always stop on they way there and on the way back! This place is a feast for the eyes!  The quilts are just amazing. And there is fabric as far as the eye can see!

 There are lots of people working and you realize that they are all pulling fabric and cutting fabric to full fulling many of their online orders.  Every time I stop I say I am not going to buy anything, I am just going to look...and of course that never happens.I tried to just concentrate on fabric I would need for my Etsy quilt.

I think I did a good job of restraining myself! And since there was lots of driving involved,  I did mange to finish another chemo hat!