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Another quilt retreat in the books!

In April our Crazy Eights had another retreat. It was another wonderful weekend of quilting with these wonderful ladies!

These retreats are so great for the soul... so much laughter, sharing and wonderful talent!

We had so many silly moments...
Only 3/4 of use made it for the first night so we sent out a text to others that we were missing them!

The food was as you can see here...two plates for Sheryl!

We also got tattoos...temporary of course and even posted it to Facebook.  Of course none of our friends believed us!

We have been going to Sew Cozy Lodge for a year now and was one of the first groups to come to the lodge.  We love Lori the owner and decided she needed a quilt to represent the eight of us.  We decided to do a block swap among us and used the Dwell Block pattern from Camille's book...  We also decided to make blocks for Lori.   Marie put all the blocks together and I quilted and did the the binding.  When we presented it to her she as just shocked.  It…
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First weeks of Me Made May

I wasn't really up for Me Made May this year, but as I started getting out my clothes I got a little more excited.  I realized that during the last two years, I had made some really great "staples" that work well in my wardrobe.  They are pieces that I really do like and I really do use them!

Week 1 was spent attending a conference in Spokane Wa.  I wasn't sure of the weather and I needed to pack lightly.  I took two tried and true items with me, my StyleArc  Elle pants and my StyleArc Estelle jacket.

Week 2 was a little easier as I was home and the weather turned really nice.  Once again they are the tried and true patterns.  The first one is Butterick 6185.  I made this for Allison as a costume.  She wanted to dress up as Wednesday Addams for a college Halloween party.  I liked the dress so much I decided to keep it when she left it in her closet after moving away!  The next is the old standby StyleArc Faye skirt and a Simplicity top pattern that is now out of pri…

It's MeMadeMay 2018

So it's MeMadeMay again and this time I thought I would sit it out.  But after participating for the last 3 years, I thought I had better just keep on going.  Maybe it will motivate me to get some sewing done!

So here is the pledge:

'I, Marjorie Devlin or marjdevlin (Instagram), sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May '18. I endeavour to. wear at least 3 me-made items per week for the duration of May 2018. I also endeavour to make at least 4 new outfits using my stash to add to my wardrobe'1 May 2018 at 22:27
I am at a conference in Spokane, WA.  It seems like everytime MeMadeMay comes around I am always away.  But I did pack 2 of my tried and true outfits so I hope they will least get me through my first week's commitment.Let the fun begin!!

Weekend Inspiration

Well this week's inspiration has nothing to do with sewing but more about my alma mater and their run in March Madness!

This is just so sweet!  This place is my hometown, this is where I grew up, where I went to college, where I met my hubby.  And where we returned for our careers and to raise a family.  It is also where all four of my children have graduated.  So for me this place is more that sports, it is HOME and for all the kids who are going to the ELITE 8, I hope that later in life they can look at K-State with as much pride as I and every day!

GO STATE...regardless of what happens, the coach and these kids have made us all  K-STATE PROUD!!  

I have an addiction....

I have been so good at avoiding buying more fabric and more kits.  I am good that way...and then one day the dam opens up and it's like I am buying stuff left and right.  Such was the weekend for me!

It started with Friday's inspirations and that darn quilt kit in my Etsy store.

Usually they sit in my Etsy store and the desire for the quilt goes away....not this time!

And then V and Co. came out with another pre-order for this quilt....Walk in The Park, Ombre quilt
I had seen this earlier and by the time I had looked for it, she was all sold out of the quilt kits.  So guess what I did this time...I ordered it before it sold out!  Of course I did!

And then we went to a wedding this past weekend and of course I found quilt store and of course all I was going to do was to "LOOK" and of course this all just fell into my lap!

Quilting Therapy in Liberty, MO is wonderful quilt shop.  They don't have much fabric but what they have is wonderful.  I would say that most o…

International Women's Day

International Women's Day came and went...

And I really, really wanted to post something. But my wonderful, strong and beautiful daughter did it for me....

And I shed a tear or two....

Weekend Inspiration

So I spend a lot of time collecting inspiration from Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook Feeds etc.  And I thought why not include those inspirations in my blog and just simple call them "Friday Inspirations"?  Maybe those "inspirations" will inspire me to finish my current projects so that I can move to these new projects.  Or maybe they will just inspire me for the weekend because they are beautiful creations.

So here goes the first of hopefully many Friday Inspirations:

This came across my Instagram Feed and is Tokyo Terrace with Robin Picken's Dear Mum fabrics from Moda.  I love how the large blocks just highlight the fabric colors and large prints.

It originally came out in her Blushing Peonies line as a lap quit version.  Which I also just adore and is sitting on my Etsy cart.

And then I got to thinking, wouldn't that pattern be wonderful using these watercolor florals from Hawthorne Threads?  It is a fabric line that I have been eyeing for quilt awhile. …