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Three Little Booties....

Three little booties, sitting in a row,  waiting for some wee ones  for a little shoe show!
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Watch my garden grow....

It is amazing what a difference a year makes!   This is what the yard looked like last fall after we did a little bit of work.

And this is what the yard looks like this spring.

The irises are all starting to bloom and the vision that I had is finally coming to life.  I am so glad that Dan and I took the time to go to the iris and daylily sales and that we planted them as soon as we could.   

Hubby had a great time starting annuals in his make shift green house (in the bathroom). I thought I had pictures but I can't seem to find them.  He started about 500 annuals! We might of planted them a little early (since spring came early).  Unfortunately some of our plants became food for some of our nature friends so we will have to fill in some areas.  But those that survived are doing well.  I can't wait to see what it all looks like in a couple of weeks.
My fountain got a crack this year.  We've had it quite awhile.  I didn't want to throw it and I had visions of it becomi…

It's Me Made May!

Well once again May is here and that means that it is....

My pledge this year was to wear at least 4 outfits each week that I have made. And here are the results of the first week.

So lets start at the upper left and go clockwise:

The skirt is a dark navy stretch knit from using Style Arc Faye SkirtThe pants are made from a wonderful ponte knit that I picked up at B&J Fabrics when I was in New York.  I used my favorite go-to pattern Style Arc Elle Pant.I blogged about this green jacket here and I am wearing another Style Arc Elle Pant (told you it was my favorite).The striped top is a wonderful knit that I found at Sarah's Fabrics and is made using Vogue V9111.  I really like this pattern but I think next time I make it I'll use a straight hem for the front and I might take it down a size. During the second week of May I was at a conference so I really had to stretch the wardrobe and there had to be a few repeats.

This outfit combines another Style Arc Estelle Ja…

And the UFO for May Is....

I've been a little busy so there are lots of things for me to catch up on.  First of all I did not get much done on the UFO Challenge for April.  I did get some baby booties done and delivered.  I do hope that the moms will send me pictures of their little ones with cute little feet.

As far as quilting is concerned.. not much got accomplished in April, maybe May will be more productive.

The UFO for May is.....

And according to my lists this is what I have scheduled.....

The good news is that I started my LOVE quilt in March when I was on the quilt retreat.  The LOVE blocks are all done.  I have a few more small squares to cut up but then I should be able start sewing on it again.  Knitting is always difficult.  I should of worked on the cowl while I was on a conference last week but I needed to get some booties done for some upcoming new mamas.

Because of this week long conference,  I have had a chance to get lots of knitting done, which means that I have been sitting through lot…

Remember those booties?

So this happened to those cute little booties yesterday......

Thankfully there were no babies that were hurt in the destruction of these booties.  However the bootie is a loss and another one must be knitted.

It must be baby bootie month because I managed to get a grey pair done earlier this month... just in time for a baby shower tomorrow!!

I'll be knitting booties for awhile as I have about 3 other babies that need some cute little things on their tiny little feet.

Our local knitting store is closing and it makes me a little sad.  It's just so hard to keep local businesses going in this town.  I came home with these things the other day.  I wanted to buy more yarn but I had to pace myself.  I still have yarn from the last yarn store that closed!

The grey and purple will make cute little booties and the yarn kits will be perfect baby blanket for future little grands!

It's raining outside and I'd rather be knitting than going to work!

It's the last week of April....

It's the last week of April...and where did it go?

I must say it has been a hectic month with lots of change, and hopefully all for the good.  So needless to say, sewing and knitting has not been a priority this month.

However I did manage to get a few things done.  How cute are these little booties?

I had to rush over to the little miss to have her try them on right away! ❤

And here is  a picture of the family at Easter.  We welcome Drew as an "official" member of the family.  The wedding is set for June 30, 2018.  We were missing Sarah and Matt but we spent lots of time on FaceTime!!

I finally made a quilt design board!

After our quilt retreat a few weeks ago, I decided that my sewing room needed a quilt design board. There are instructions all over the internet and I thought really how hard can it be?

When I saw these 2ft x 2 ft insulation boards at my local Menard's I knew this is what I needed and it would make putting one together so much easier!.  The boards were only $3.99 each and I picked up four of them giving me a 4ft x 4 ft area, perfect for what I needed.

My first step was to wrap batting around each of the boards.  I used 505 spray on the batting so that it would adhere to the board making it easier to attach it with a staple gun.

And this is what it looked like once the batting was attached.

The next step was to take flannel and wrap that around the batting and the insulation.  I used the 505 spray on the flannel as well. It sure makes it easier when you have a bolt of white flannel in your stash!

I used 1/2 inch staples which was fine until I got to the corners where there was mu…