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Summer Quilt Retreat

Once again the Crazy Eights had another wonderful quilt retreat at the Sew Cozy Inn.

It is amazing how eight women can get together and everyone has such different tastes and interests. This time we started on Thursday instead of Friday.  I decided to work on Thursday morning and did not get to the retreat until that afternoon but we got plenty of sewing done!

It took me awhile to figure out what to take but I decided I would concentrate on finishing my LOVE quilt that I started at our last quilt retreat in March.   I did manage to a little more work on it so this is what it looked like before I left:

There were lots of cutting that of small squares that needed to be done.   Watching Fantastic Beasts helped and before I knew it all my little 2 1/2in squares were cut (all 68 of them)!  It made it much easier to work on the quilt at the retreat when all the pieces were cut out.

After it was pieced I had to think about how to quilt it.  That is where your quilting friends come in!  One …
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Special Memories

A friend lost her mother last year and has had a hard time dealing with her death.  They were obviously very, very close.  She had two of her mother's night gowns to give her comfort.   She asked me if I could turn the night gowns into pillowcases.  She wanted two for her sons, one for her and one for her father.

At first I thought this would be an easy project.  But then I realized this was someone's memories that I was dealing with.  I just couldn't cut it up and "whilly nilly" come up with something.  It took me a little longer to work on this.  Partly because I was sick and partly because it was a little harder to wrap my head around it than I thought.  Do I keep the upper part of the nightgown and if so what do I do with the armholes, the neck opening, how do I make it wide enough for a pillow, etc. etc.

As always if I give it enough thought and really put myself into the project, something comes up:

I cut the night gown into two pieces and I kept the upper…

Ft. Collins quilting and knitting heaven!

In June I went on trip to Fr. Collins with hubby, he had a meeting and I was ready for a little get away.  We drove to Ft. Collins so I was able to take as much stuff as I wanted....and guess what went with me?  You are right... my sewing machine and a couple of projects!

The hotel room had the perfect set up for the sewing machine.

I found out that Joann's was less than 5 minutes away and I was set!   Hubby was so busy that between Sunday when we arrived and Thursday when we left, I only had two meals with him.. Sunday night and another one on Tuesday where we dined with other faculty members.  So that meant lots of time for me to explore and craft.

Can I just say that Ft. Collins has some of the very best quilting and knitting stores around!! is a good think that I DO NOT live there!  While I was there I was able to meet up with an old aquaintance, our kids were all basically the same age and were in the same 4-H club.  They moved to Ft. Collins about 3 years ago so s…

And the UFO for July is...

I'm a little late but it is a new month, which means it's a new UFO Challenge.

And according to my list, my challenges are:

My first reaction was I am so so screwed.  I am so far behind.  But instead of concentrating on the bad, I am going to concentrate on the positive.  First of all let's take a look at what is finished.  On the quilting side of things I have three out of seven UFOs finished.  That really isn't too bad, especially considering that after next week's Sewing Retreat, I should have two more UFOs finished.  That means I will have five out of seven UFOs finished!  Which means I will have two t-shirt quilts to finish in July!! That makes me feel much better!!
Now let's look at the knitting side of things.  I have two out of seven UFOs finished with one in constant progress and that is the Knitted Knockers.  That leaves four projects.  When I looked at  the June knitted sock ornaments, I realized that I do have quite a few done, so I am putting that…

Happy Independence Day!!

It's the 4th of July and with the holiday means new decorations:

I finished this new bench pillow just in time for the holiday.  It's one of Kimberbell's bench pillow kits.  I am so in love with her patterns!  I did order the laser kit so that I didn't have to cut out the letters, stars or bunting.  The letters would have been super difficult!  I love love love how this turned out.

Seems like June went by like a flash.  So much went on but from our house to yours, I hope everyone had a Happy 4th of July!

Cashmere heaven

My very good friend gave me 2 skeins of this wonderful cashmere yarn.  I've had it for over a year and couldn't find anything that I wanted to knit out of it.  Frankly, I was just too scared to use it because it is so wonderfully soft and warm.  Thank goodness for the APQ UFO Challenge as I put the yarn on my UFO project list.   Well it came up in May and I finally got around to working on it during my trip to Minneapolis.  
The pattern I used is "The Age of Brass and Steam Kerchief".  It is a fairly easy pattern and knits quickly.

This hand dyed yarn was called Olympus and I think it may no longer be available but there are other wonderful shades of Jade Sapphire.  This yarn was just a dream to work with!! Once blocked you can easily see the pattern details.

This will be wonderful to wear in the winter and will be so soft and oh so warm!  Thank you dear friend for the wonderful gift of yarn!!

Long Weekend with my Girls

Daughter #2 and her hubby had a wedding in Minneapolis and they asked me to come along and babysit the grand baby....who would say no to that?  Daughter #1 wanted to visit but when she found out we would be in Minneapolis she decided to just fly there and join us.  Well Daughter #3 didn't miss out on the fun she she came along too!

Just how many people does it take to watch a baby? Obviously and entire family! Loved waking up to this little princess!

Obviously she loved hanging out with us as well!

She went to her first Half Year sale at Nordstroms!

And had her first pool adventure!

There were a few moments with Dad...

But boy did this little princess have an adventure!