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Another Quilt Retreat

It's been a busy March so far and it all started with a Spring Quilt Retreat with my favorite "Crazy Eights"!

We tried a different venue for our quilt retreat and I would say we hit a home run with Sew Cozy Quilt Lodge.  The place sleeps 10 with five bedrooms and 2 1/2 baths.  Each "themed" bedroom has a twin bed...and I say "themed" because the decor in each bedroom is just cute as can be.  The best part about the place is the quilt/sewing room!  Each person has 2 two tables and a design wall!!

We had seven of our members present for this retreat and there was so much beauty being created!

The "LOVE" squares were my work.  For the first day I decided I would tackle a UFO which really wasn't a quilting project.  I had an old rocking chair that needed a new slipcover.  I have had the fabric for several months.  I didn't have much motivation to work on the slipcover.  I order to go on the retreat I told myself I had to work on the sli…
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It's March and what happened to February?

You Well it is March....which means that there is a new UFO Challenge.  And that number is....TWELVE!

The Lone Star Quilt is a real UFO.  I must of started it years ago when the kids were really young and never managed to finish it.
I bought this yarn about 5 years ago on my first trip to NY.  I was there over Labor Day weekend and Sarah took me to the Lion Bran NY Flagship store.  I manged to use up most of the yarn I bought there but still have a couple of balls that will be used for a wonderful cowl.
I had a bunch of things that I wanted to blog about but just didn't get it done.  So what else got finished in February?  Well here's a quick overview of what I had been working on since my last post:

My daughter had three baby showers.  And I thought why not try to get all of those congrats and well-wishes into one place and what better way than in a signature quilt?  I used this tutorial for the pattern.
For the past 3 years, a good friend and I teach a 4-H sewing class once…

Another Etsy Order

I've been working on an Etsy Order... another navy Farm Quilt.

For this quilt, the customer did not want buttons for the eyes or nostrils since it was for a baby.  I knew I could applique the nostrils but wasn't quite sure about the eyes.  Then I as I sat there contemplating what to do, I realized I could just use my embroidery machine and embroider the eyes. I ended up using a ".", enlarging it a little and there it was... two eyes!  I may have to use this method from now on!!

I was particularly happy with the FMQ on this quilt.  I am not sure why but it just looked better.  I did adjust the stitch length and shortened up the meandering.

It is off to the new owners so hopefully they will enjoy it!
I finally bought a new iron board and this one is a little wider than the standard size.  I love it!  I also realized that when I set up next to my cutting table it helps expand my work surface just a little bit more.  My hubby claims that I am pretty easy to please if a …

Another Estelle Jacket and a chemo hat

I am finally getting around to blogging about my latest sewing creation... another Style Arc Estelle Jacket!  This has been cut out for a few days just waiting for me to find some time to put it together.  I decided to make this jacket one size smaller, a size 10 and I like the fit a little better.  It seems like the shoulder area just sits on me better.

In the photo it looks like it is more of a beige/brown color but it is actually an olive green (I really need to work on taking better pictures):

I got so many compliments on the jacket when I wore it to work.  The olive green is such a nice color and it works for all seasons.  I love, love, love this fabric.  I wish it came in more colors because I would buy every single one! Currently I am craving a nice light pink for spring!  Last week when I was at my doctor's appointment (out of town), I thought I would kill some time by stopping at Joann's.  That is not always a good idea.  The bolt of fabric literally fell into my ar…

We interrupt the crafting news...

It's been a busy couple of weeks!  The oldest came to visit for a week so not much sewing/knitting was done.  However there was lots and lots of baby time!!

Oh my gosh those cheeks and those eyes! Aunt Sarah just couldn't resist giving her so many kisses!!

Never interrupt a sleeping baby!

Uncle A.J. sure got her smiling!

And she loves her Gandpa!

We did take a break from baby adoration to take in the KU-K-State basketball game.  Despite the loss we had a wonderful time cheering on our beloved Wildcats!

It was a wonderful week of making memories!

Happy February!

Well it's finally February and everyone on the APQ Challenge has been anxiously awaiting the release of the the next UFO number.....drum roll please....#8!
My #8 on both lists is so lame, so once again I made some additions to my list:

I have a feeling I'll be doing that alot!  Aside from that list here my other February items that I would like to get done:Finish the green ponte knit Style Arc Estelle JacketFinish blocks 1 & 2 of Leah Day's Machine Quilt ChallengeDo something with my purple Mood Fabric Do something with my Sarah's Fabric grey knit It's a pretty bold list considering I'll be gone for the last week and half of the month and Sarah will be here visiting so I'll lose the first weekend.  Basically I only 2 of the 4 weekends this month to get things done... ouch.
January was productive so I will stay optimistic!  As I said, I got so much done last weekend!  On Sunday night I decided I would force myself to start work on the Estelle jacket.  A…

It was a productive weekend!

So last week I shared my fairly ambitious goals for the weekend.  While I did not get everything done I was pretty pleased with what I did finish!
So I shared this as my inspiration for my porch bench:

And here is the version that I finished this weekend:

I'm pretty proud of that pillow.  Not because I saved myself $19, but because I was able to use stuff in my stash to create it!!

I've had this cowl on my knitting needles for quite awhile.  It is also my APQ UFO #6.  It is Purl Bee's Classic Cowl, using a beautiful fluffy brioche stitch.  I used 3 skeins of Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino.  I love that yarn and have used it for so many is wonderfully soft and even better it is washable!

I am not a fan of blocking but in this case it was necessary to try to minimize the line caused where the rows start and end.  I find that this always happens when I am using circular needles.

However as you can see once it is is just beautiful!  I need to work on taking …