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Weekend Inspiration

Well this week's inspiration has nothing to do with sewing but more about my alma mater and their run in March Madness!

This is just so sweet!  This place is my hometown, this is where I grew up, where I went to college, where I met my hubby.  And where we returned for our careers and to raise a family.  It is also where all four of my children have graduated.  So for me this place is more that sports, it is HOME and for all the kids who are going to the ELITE 8, I hope that later in life they can look at K-State with as much pride as I and every day!

GO STATE...regardless of what happens, the coach and these kids have made us all  K-STATE PROUD!!  

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I have an addiction....

I have been so good at avoiding buying more fabric and more kits.  I am good that way...and then one day the dam opens up and it's like I am buying stuff left and right.  Such was the weekend for me!

It started with Friday's inspirations and that darn quilt kit in my Etsy store.

Usually they sit in my Etsy store and the desire for the quilt goes away....not this time!

And then V and Co. came out with another pre-order for this quilt....Walk in The Park, Ombre quilt
I had seen this earlier and by the time I had looked for it, she was all sold out of the quilt kits.  So guess what I did this time...I ordered it before it sold out!  Of course I did!

And then we went to a wedding this past weekend and of course I found quilt store and of course all I was going to do was to "LOOK" and of course this all just fell into my lap!

Quilting Therapy in Liberty, MO is wonderful quilt shop.  They don't have much fabric but what they have is wonderful.  I would say that most o…

International Women's Day

International Women's Day came and went...

And I really, really wanted to post something. But my wonderful, strong and beautiful daughter did it for me....

And I shed a tear or two....

Weekend Inspiration

So I spend a lot of time collecting inspiration from Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook Feeds etc.  And I thought why not include those inspirations in my blog and just simple call them "Friday Inspirations"?  Maybe those "inspirations" will inspire me to finish my current projects so that I can move to these new projects.  Or maybe they will just inspire me for the weekend because they are beautiful creations.

So here goes the first of hopefully many Friday Inspirations:

This came across my Instagram Feed and is Tokyo Terrace with Robin Picken's Dear Mum fabrics from Moda.  I love how the large blocks just highlight the fabric colors and large prints.

It originally came out in her Blushing Peonies line as a lap quit version.  Which I also just adore and is sitting on my Etsy cart.

And then I got to thinking, wouldn't that pattern be wonderful using these watercolor florals from Hawthorne Threads?  It is a fabric line that I have been eyeing for quilt awhile. …

Fun times in Boston, despite the Nor'Easter

Well I manged to visit Boston between the Nor'Easters!  Only one day of the whole trip was really horrible and that was Friday night when we ventured out to go shopping!  The umbrellas were a total fail in the horrible winds!  Thanks goodness the shopping was inside!

Saturday was spent wandering around Brookline and the local shops and of course Trader Joes!!
The highlight of Saturday was going to see "Waitress".

We were way back in the rafters but that was fine.  It allowed me to bring my contraband of snacks in!!   It also gave us a great view of the lovely Boston Opera House.

On Sunday we went to a lovely old church on the Boston College campus.  There were some very talented vocalist in their choir!

We had brunch at our favorite local spot and then headed over the the Boston Museum of Art.  I realize I really don't get modern art, but the they had plenty of classics to admire, along with some mummies!

Sunday night we watched the Oscars and did a little facial th…

It's March!!

March is coming in fierce here in Boston where I am visiting the youngest daughter.  they are calling Nor'easter.  There is nothing I dislike more than a cold wind and rain.

And with a new month that also means a new UFO project!!

So according to my list, my March Quilting UFO is  the Swedish Postcard quilt:

I finally found a quilt for this pattern when I was in Ft. Collins last summer.  I will have to find another project for this month as I am saving it for my April Quilt Retreat.

The knitting UFO for March is the 15th Street Wrap:

I have some wonderful yarn that I have had in my stash for quilt awhile and it will be perfect for this pattern.

My progress of the February UFOs have been a little slow.  I wanted to use my Cricut Maker to cut out all of the petals, leaves and center for my Sunflower Wall quilt.  Getting it upload to Design Space was just about as far as I got.  
The same goes for my knitting UFO.  I have started Madden's sweater but it became something totally…

Make 9 in 2018

So I have been intrigued on what kind of challenges I can do in 2018 to:

Use up my fabric stashWork on some kits/projects I have had for awhileDo more fashion sewing
Of course I am doing the 2018 UFO Challenge, I am also doing a 2018 BOM (well maybe one or two...more on that later).  And I found this 2018 Make Nine Challenge .  
Rochelle of Lucky Lucille started this in 2017.   It's basically nine things that you want to make this year.  It can be fiber (knitting), fashion sewing or even quilting.  But these are wearable items.  And I thought well this is just the thing for me.  Making nine items should be pretty easy right?   I hope so, considering it is February and I still have yet to make my first item.   
I first needed to decide what nine things I wanted to make.  That was pretty easy considering all the patterns and fabric that I have in my stash.  Here is my first go at my "Make Nine":

So let's look at this list a little more closely:

I have had this grey kni…